Advantages of the rotary engine optimized, disadvantages eliminated

The World Rotary Engine concept is based on the rotary engine and enhances the advantages of the rotary engine, such as compact size, simple construction, vibration-free running, ability to run on several fuels, a high power to weight ratio, modular construction and few recources needed for construction.

Developments in materials over the last decades increase reliability and our design of a pre-chamber ignition in which an extremely lean fuel mixture is ignited allows this engine to be extremely fuel-efficient and clean, which eliminates the existing disadvantage of the rotary engine.

Due to the unique properties this engine will have an incredibly wide array of applications, such as:

  • Automotive (hydrogen range extender)
  • Industrial applications
  • Stationary power generation
  • Cogeneration
  • Trigeneration or combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP)
  • Machinery (like Kubota, Yannmar, John Deere, Mitsubishi, Perkins, Cat, Honda etc.)
  • Transport cooling (containers/trucks)
  • Auxiliary Power Unit (airconditioning for electric busses and other large electric vehicles)
  • Marine applications
  • Military equipment
  • Rescue equipment/machine

The unique feature of this engine is the combination of a patented cooling system as well as an external combustion chamber in which a very lean mixture of clean fuels like hydrogen, CNG, LNG, GTL, biogas or bio-ethanol can be ignited, as well as the regular diesel, kerosene and gasoline fuels.

The properties of an external combustion chamber dictate that it does not alter its shape trough the combustion cycle, and eliminates a large drawback of the rotary engine; the large size of the combustion chamber and the resulting slow combustion and heat loss.

All this combined in an engine that is simple in its construction and uses a minimum of parts and resources to build compared to conventional engines. This is a new generation of engines, which is a cost-effective, clean, reliable, compact and fuel-efficient alternative to hydrogen generators.

As developments on the use of hydrogen are advancing quickly at the moment (like the use of formic acid which will simplify the storage of hydrogen in a vehicle, and Shell planning to install a nationwide network of 400 hydrogen fuel stations in Germany), we are convinced this is the perfect time to refine and offer our technology to the world.

As the current climate and developments towards less dependence on fossil fuels dictates that new technologies are needed to achieve this aim, and we feel that this gives our technology an excellent opportunity for success.

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